Easter is just five sleeps away…what?! It’s one of my favourite times of the year and not because of all the chocolate (ok maybe a little) but because we head away for the super long weekend with a great group of friends. We’ve been doing it for almost ten years now and have grown in numbers since the original group as we all now have children. Our kids are all around the same age and play wonderfully together. It’s always a weekend filled with fun and lots of laughter. I’m a sucker for tradition and this time of year is surrounded by it.

Firstly, there’s Fish and Chip Friday. It started the first year we went away and there was a big discussion about Good Friday and not eating red meat. We’d all grown up in families where red meat on Good Friday was big no-no but none of us really knew why. We knew it had something to do with religion but none of us were particularly religious. I believe we ended up googling it and to this day I can’t really remember the exact answer (if anyone does know please explain!) But that year we decided to be a bit rebellious, we were adults now and could make our own choices. So we stopped at KFC for lunch and chowed down on some crispy chicken. Afterwards we all immediately agreed it felt wrong and vowed to never do it again. And thus began Fish and Chip Good Friday.

There’s board game night (with a trophy and all), we’re a competitive bunch but it’s always in good fun and usually ends in fits of laughter. The Dad’s get a day out (to play golf) and then the Mum’s get a day too (usually shopping!) Of course there’s the Easter egg hunt on Easter morning. All of these traditions we have built with our friends and now share with our children. That’s the bit I love the most.

It might be the last year we’ll be able to spend Easter at the particular house we stay at because next year there will be more kids out of cots and needing beds and more babies too…but I’m hoping many of the traditions will still continue.

So this week I’m looking forward to Easter and our weekend away. How about you? Do you do anything special for Easter? What traditions does your family have?

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