Top Reads on the Net- Fast Five Friday

For Fast Five Friday I’m sharing with you five awesome things I’ve read on the internet this week:

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After carrying out this little experiment in tracking how much I use my phone on a daily basis, this post really resonated with me. I think the Japanese people are really on to something here! Doing just one thing at a time…I so need to start doing that.

And on that same topic, I loved this post by Pip on the art of slowing down.

I’m loving the Conversations with Carlo series on Veggie Mama. You can read part two here. I’m hoping there will be many more conversations with Carlo to come. Can’t you just picture him?

If you’re a blogger you probably heard all about a certain post written by a “former mommy blogger” that basically told all other mummy bloggers out there to just give the whole thing up immediately. I’m not going to link to that post here because frankly I thought it was just plain nasty but what I will link to is a fantastic reply by Kelly Exteter in which she gave us all 10 reason’s we should keep right on mommy blogging.

My sister recently introduced me to Little Eco Footprints. This amazing family built a gorgeous tiny home out of shipping container. Their vision is inspiring; It’s simple living to the max!

Have you read anything awesome or interesting on the net this week? Do share!

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