Top Photography Apps- Fast Five Friday

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I love a good app and especially an app that can help me make my photos look better or easier to share. Here’s my top five photography apps:

Instagram: Of course the top photography app just has to be Instagram! It allows you to share your pics with friends and family (and the wider world if you want to) and follow other accounts. Are you on instagram? Let’s find each other here.

Little Moments: Created by Fat Mum Slim who also created the Photo a Day Challenge. If you join in the challenge on instagram then this app is a must- it gives you the monthly ‘Photo a Day’ prompts and shows the ‘fab four’ (the top four photos) for everyday. But even if you don’t do the challenge it’s still a great app for editing pics, with a bunch of filters and fun add ons like text and icons.

Afterlight: I use this app to edit the majority of my photos. It’s easy to use and allows you to play with things like the brightness, exposure and contrast of your pics.

Pic Collage:  A free and simple app that allows you to make collages using the photos on your phone. There are heaps of different layouts depending on the amount of photos you want to use in your collage.

Smug Mug: My sister recently introduced me to the Smug Mug site which also has an app to make it easily accessible on your phone. Smug Mug allows you to share all of your photos with friends and family but is totally different to instagram. You can upload entire albums and then those you to choose to share with are able to download, view and print the pics. How clever is that! Great for sharing pics from family events, birthdays, holidays etc.

What photography apps do you use?

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