Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions,

Happy Sunday! We’re currently away for the weekend, celebrating my Mum’s 60th Birthday (she’s probably going to slap me if I keep telling everyone she’s 60). I’m so very lucky to have such an amazing Mum; she’s forever helping us out, spoiling our kids and always worrying about us (stop worrying Mum!) So we’re treating her to some much needed sunshine and family time in Echuca.

As always, it’s been a busy few weeks. My bestie had a baby (her third child) on the same night that I headed into the city to Singin In The Rain.  I pulled Mum duty last week and headed to my son’s kinder to help out for the day which was lots of fun. We also took our first tour of a primary school which made me stop and reflect on how quickly our boy is growing up! On that note, thank you also to everyone who gave me some great advice after I wrote this post, turns out I really just need to trust myself and my instincts and let things happen naturally.

In other exciting news I’ve recently joined the team at The Organic Place working behind the scenes, doing some writing and other bits and pieces. I’m loving being part of a small family business that’s doing such great things. You can read their story here.

Notice that new little badge on my sidebar? I was so excited this week to receive an email to say I’ve been nominated for the 2016 Bupa Blog Awards. Finalists will be announced in July with the overall Winner being announced in September. I have no doubt the competition will be fierce, there are some extremely talented bloggers out there but I’m just happy to have received a nomination.

So that’s it from me for now. What’s new with you lately?

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