Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions,

Happy Sunday to you and Happy Birthday to me! That’s right, it’s my birthday today and this morning I hopped on a plane with my hubby and son for a week long family holiday in Port Douglas yay! I’m sure I’ll be posting some holiday snaps on instagram this week so stay tuned.

Hubby and I started the week by heading to a ‘crossing over’ night with a local psychic. I’m a believer and it turns out most of you are too. It was quite interesting and a bit of fun, I’d definitely go again.

This week the world celebrated International Womens Day and I shared this post and these images on my facebook page. I think the images are amazing. I don’t have any photos of the moment when my son was born and it’s one of my biggest regrets. I had been moved to another room to give birth and we forgot to bring the camera with us. The nurse ran back to grab it but the moment had already passed. Do you have photos of the moment your children were born?

I was really excited to chat to Nicole and take part in her ‘My Favourite Space’ series on her blog The Builders Wife. Head here to check out the post!

This week we’ve also started the process of looking at schools for the lil man next year, eeek! The primary schools in our town are zoned and the school in our catchment area isn’t our preference and so this means we’re going to have to convince a school from outside of our zone to accept our son. It’s all a bit nerve racking and Karin from Calm to Conniption’s post reminded me it’s serious business!

Easter is just around the corner- check out The Annoyed Thyroid post from some yummy Easter treat ideas.

And that my friends is the week that was, how was your week?

Now excuse me while I hit the beach….

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