Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions,

Is it just me or did this week go by super fast? March already, seriously?! Melbourne clearly didn’t get the memo that Autumn has started with the majority of the week 30 plus degrees.

My week started off waking up in Kudos Villas, Hepburn Springs….

Kudos Villas, Villas, Villas,

It was our sixth wedding anniversary. Hubby and I take it in turns each year to organise a night away and this year it was my turn. Kudos Villas is ah-mazing (the photos don’t really do it justice). I think he’s going to find it hard to beat next year!

We spent Sunday strolling around Daylesford, checking out the market, antique stores and my favourite book shop. A perfect weekend.

This week I asked all the foodies out there for some help. Some really great suggestions were made to ease me into the world of cooking and food appreciation- I am currently stalking blogs and borrowed a bunch of cookbooks from the local library. Stay tuned for developments on this one.

I also wrote about my fear of flying, seems that many of you feel the same way. My plan is to load up with podcasts, books, magazines and anything else I can think of to distract myself on our flight to Port Douglas next weekend.

Who’s started their Easter shopping? Me! I usually buy the kids in our family PJ’s and an easter book plus some chocolate eggs. I’m trying to hold of on buying the eggs though because I know they will either a) melt or b) be eaten before Easter even arrives.

So how was your week? Anything exciting happen?

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