Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix- Fast Five Friday

Fast Five Friday,

Put your hand up if you’ve got Netflix? Now keep your hand if you love it and you’re a tad addicted to binge watching TV serials? Yeah me too. Here’s my top five:

Pretty Little Liars: Who killed Ally? Who is ‘A’? The story is far fetched, the girls are pretty and the drama is constant; what more is there? This one is my guilty little pleasure to watch when hubby isn’t home. I’ve only watched the first the first two seasons so if anyone out there has watched more, don’t spoil it for me!

Orange is the New Black: People have gone mad for this show, apparently it is the most watched show on Netflix. Based on the true story of Piper Kerman who was incarcerated in a female prison it’s both dramatic and funny. Oh an all the cool kids refer to it simply as OITNB.

Friday Night Lights: Hubby and I binge watch this one together. It’s based on an American high school football team; the culture of the whole thing is quite amazing but really I love it for the characters and the great storylines.

Making a Murderer: I have to confess, I haven’t watched it yet but people have been raving about this show based on a true story. I hear it’s the TV equivalent of the Serial podcast and I loved that so no doubt I’d enjoy this one too.

Utopia: I’m not sure if I find this show so hilarious because I work in local government; God it’s funny because it’s true! It’s also an Aussie show featuring some great Aussie talent so we really should support that!

What are your favourite shows to binge watch on Netflix?

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