Mothers and Sons

Mothers and Sons,

I am a mother of a boy. I absolutely love being a mother of a boy. I know we’re not supposed to stereotype but the fact is boys and girls are different (clearly). My son is your typical boy; he loves cars, ninja turtles, motorbikes and getting dirty. He thinks farts are hilarious and loves nothing more than a tickle fight. I always pictured myself with a boy just like this. But he also has this really sweet side, he’s a mummy’s boy and loves to snuggle, it’s the best.

Parenting a child of the opposite sex has its challenges. You’re dealing with the unknown; I don’t know about penises because I don’t have one. Lucky I have hubby for that stuff! But there are a few things I wonder about when it comes to my boy, like:

  • At what point does it become unacceptable for him to come into female public toilets with me? At what point does it become safe for him to go into male public toilets on his own?
  • At what age does it stop being ok for us to see each other naked?
  • Will there come a point when he stops being a mummy’s boy? How will I cope with that?
  • Will I automatically hate every girlfriend he ever has? Will I become ‘that type’ of mother in law? Eeek I hope not!

I’m hoping that these things will just happen naturally, that it will know when the time is right and what to do when that times comes. I know that things will change as he gets older but I just really hope that we always keep talking.

Mum’s of boys- any golden pieces of advice?

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Sunday Sessions (The Mothers Day Edition)

Sunday Sessions,

Happy Mothers Day! If you’re a Mum I hope you’re lying in bed right now, reading this, being served breakfast like a queen. My Mum, my sister and I are heading off to Gold Class this afternoon to see Mothers Day– quite fitting considering the occasion don’t you think? I was also treated by my son at kinder this week with a special mothers day celebration. He gave me a massage (complete with cucumbers on my eyes), made me afternoon tea (yummy scones) and painted my nails. Super cute! This is exactly what I was talking about in my last post; the joy of being able to be there for these moments is the best!

Aside from Mum duty, I’ve been a busy little bee this past few weeks. Last weekend I headed into the city to meet up with Pip and the Blog with Pip crew (well those who could make it anyway). Such a nice bunch of people. I was so busy chatting that I didn’t even get a chance to take any photos (gasp!) It was lots of fun, nice to finally meet some bloggers I’ve been stalking following in real life and chat with likeminded people. Speaking of Pip, have you seen her awesome new e-course Blog Magic, it looks like a lot of fun! Thinking I might have to sign up…

Whilst I was in the city for the Pipsters catch up I took the opportunity to check out the 100 Years of Fashion exhibition at the NGV and do a spot of shopping at my favourite store- H&M (I’m just a touch excited about this announcement). There may have also been a sneaky visit to the Lindt café involved too.

I’ve been really enjoying setting some goals and finding some direction in my life coaching sessions. We’re focusing on self care (working towards a healthier me) and nurturing my creativity and creating some strategic goals around my writing. The process is really interesting and I look forward to sharing more about it with you in the near future.

Other things I’ve been enjoying?

This month we’re booked in for some school tours…seriously we’re already at the point where we need to decide what school to send our son to next year…scary stuff! And we’ll be celebrating my Mums 60th Birthday- so it’s more busy times ahead!

What have you been up to lately? How are you celebrating Mothers Day? Are you as excited by podcasts, carpool karaoke and literary festivals as I am?

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Do You Miss It?

working mum,

At the end of January this year I began twelve months long service leave from my part time job. I’m spending my son’s four year old kindergarten year at home. Three months in and I’m often being asked by people “do you miss it?” Work that is. The answer? I don’t think there’s been enough time yet to “miss it”. Three months has flown by and I’ve been pretty busy. But I know for sure that there will come a time when I will start missing it. I know that after the year I will be ready to go back. I love being a Mum, I really love my son (goes without saying) and I’m so glad that I’ve taken this time to be there for him. I like that I don’t have to rush out the door each morning when I drop him off at kinder, I can stay a while and play. I like that I’m there to pick him up and hear about his day, everyday. I like having more time to spend on the things I enjoy (like this very blog). It’s all good and in this moment it feels right.

But I also really enjoy working, I’ve said it here before that like my job and I love the people I work with; they’ve become great friends. I think I’m good at my job, I feel confident in my role and I get to be part of some pretty great projects and events. If I’m honest I also like the financial freedom it affords our family. The money I earn means we can do more, and get closer to our dreams quicker. So yeah, I know when the time comes I’ll be ready to go back.

As a working Mum I’ve always had to walk the wire; a balancing act between competing priorities of career and motherhood. But this I know for sure; work opportunities will always be there and my son will only ever be this little once.

Are you a working Mum? Do you find the balancing act tricky?

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50 Ways to Find Your Inspiration (free printable)

Ever lost your mojo? Stared at a blank computer screen or an empty notebook? All creative types face it at some point; a lack of inspiration. That’s why I’ve created this free printable 5o Ways to Find Your Inspiration. Click here to download it. Print in off, stick it on your noticeboard, your fridge, in your workspace; refer to it when you need it. Pick and choose what works for you and let inspiration come!

Find Your Inspiration,

What do you do when you’re lacking inspiration?

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Linky Parties to Follow and Join- Fast Five Friday

Link Parties Fast Five Friday,

For those of you who don’t already know a a linky party is when the author of a blog (aka- the host) invites other bloggers to put a link up on their site to their own blog posts. Sometimes the linky party will be on a particular topic and sometimes it will just be a free for all. For bloggers, its a great way to get some exposure and help to promote your latest blog posts and for readers it’s a great (and easy) way to find new blogs to read. Here’s five really awesome (and Aussie!) weekly linky parties you should check out:

1. IBOT: Hosted by Essentially Jess. IBOT stands for ‘I Blog on Tuesdays’. All blog posts linked up to this party need to be written on a Tuesday but can be on any topic.

2. FYBF: Stands for ‘Flog Your Blog Friday’ and is hosted by With Some Grace. It’s an opportunity for bloggers from any niche to ‘flog their blog’ by sharing any of their posts from the week.

3. The Ultimate Rabbit Hole: This Linky Party is hosted by three awesome bloggers: Calm to Conniption, The Annoyed Thyroid, My2Morrows You can put your link up on any of these blogs and it will magically appear on all three.

4. HIT: Stands for ‘Home Improvement Thursdays’ is hosted by two of my favourite bloggers; Bec from The Plumbette and Nicole from The Builders Wife Posts can be from any blog niche but need to be related to DIY, home improvement, renovation, home decoration, that type of thing.

5. Worth Casing Wednesday: Hosted on the Agent Mystery Case blog you can link up any post that you feel is ‘worth casing’ that week.

A little bit on linky etiquette for bloggers: If you post your link it’s a good idea to make some time to visit and read some of the other posts (as well as the hosts), share the love! Also some linky parties have a ‘button’ (like an electronic logo) which you can add to your sidebar to show you participate in the party and help direct traffic their way.

Do you join in linky parties? Are there any others you know of that I haven’t mentioned?

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Taking Stock

taking stock,

It’s time to stop and take stock:

Making : Our 2015 family photobook…determined to get it done before 2016 ends!
Cooking : This Coconut and Raspberry Loaf from Maxabella. Easy to make and so yummy!
Drinking : Nudie Mango and Passionfruit Crushie…so good.
Reading: A bit of chick lit, The Sun in Her Eyes by Paige Toon.
Wanting: More time, always.
Looking: Forward to catching up with Pip (creator of the taking stock list) and my fellow Pipsters (aka- graduates of the Blog with Pip course) this weekend.
Playing: Guess Who and getting my ass kicked by my four year old son!
Deciding: What is the next thing to be ticked off my ‘to do’ list.
Wishing: My dear friends all the best on their IVF journey…all my fingers and toes are crossed for you!
Enjoying: Sunny Autumn days.
Waiting: For nothing.
Liking: Making more time to do the things I love.
Loving: Listening to podcasts… I’m a tad obsessed!
Pondering: What to do for mothers day this year.
Considering: Writing a book. Can I really do that?
Buying: Active Wear. I don’t even know who I am anymore.
Watching: These shows on Netflix.
Hoping: It will all pay off.
Marvelling: At how much my son is learning and changing every day. Four is awesome!
Cringing: At people who air their dirty laundry on facebook.
Needing: A good neck massage.
Smelling: My new essential oil diffuser that my Mum brought me. Love it.
Wearing: My Saltwaters Sandals. With everything. They’re so damn comfy.
Following: Julia’s Story  it honest and beautiful and heartbreaking.
Noticing: How much my son has grown lately.
Knowing: Time is precious.
Thinking: too much. It’s a big problem of mine.
Admiring: Confident people.
Sorting: Through my clothes. A new season means out with the old!
Getting: Healthy
Bookmarking: New recipes to try.
Coveting: The entire Feather and Noise collection.
Opening: A box of childhood memories.
Giggling: At the pictures my son recently drew at kinder. Lots of people…all with giant butt cracks.
Feeling: Like it’s all coming together.
Snacking: Smarter.
Hearing: The dog next door barking…annoying really.

Have you stopped to take stock recently?

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Childhood Memories in a Box

A few weeks ago my Mum gave me a big box to take home and sort through. It was full of my school work from primary school and early high school that she had kept. It was so much fun to look through, my Sister and I were in fits of giggles. It appears we were both quite the storytellers.

Here’s a few golden nuggets I found:

Some beautiful self portraits…

childhood memories in a box,

My year nine diary where my sports teacher had written on quite a regular basis

“Sarah did not bring her swimming gear today”

“Sarah did not bring a change of clothes for PE today”

I hated sport. Clearly nothing much has changed.

childhood memories in a box,

But hey, at least I was up to date with my Geography homework.

My diary of a high school assignment where we were given an egg and had to pretend it was our baby for a week. The egg was meant to be a symbol of how fragile life is, especially in the early years. We had to take the egg with us everywhere and if we broke it, effectively we had killed our own baby. I think it was supposed to be a warning about teen pregnancy but I just remember it being lots of a fun! This was one of my daily diary entries…if only being a mum was this easy!!

childhood memories in a box,

And the stories, oh the stories. Tons of stories I had written and made into little books with pictures on each page and staples down the side. The collection included such riveting titles as ‘The Big Mansion’, ‘On a Cold, Cold Day’ and ‘The Dog Called Spot’. I also found a two page essay on why McDonalds was my favourite fast food outlet and a rather disturbing story about a fictional plane crash I had supposedly survived. It started with the words “all my life I have been terrified of flying…” again, not much has changed. (Funny because I don’t remember being afraid of flying as a kid).

childhood memories in a box,

Along with the stories there were so many reminders of how much I loved to write. A note on the back of a year twelve practice Enlglish essay where my teacher had written:

“I am so pleased with this Sarah. You are writing confidently, intelligently and referring to the test appropriately- it’s great! I don’t think you need me at all!!!” I remember feeling rather chuffed at that, I really looked up to my English teacher.

childhood memories in a box,

And the results of a survey I took in year nine about what type of career I should have:

“Working with children or people” (tick!) “being creative with words and colours, communication.”

It also told me I would not be good at engineering or repairing machinery. So there you go, it appears a career survey taken when your sixteen can be very telling!

It was amazing how the memories came flooding back as I flicked through years of school projects. Things I had long forgotten but can now remember as clear as if they were yesterday. I threw out a bunch of stuff; maths books mainly but have kept a lot of it. I now hope to do the same for my son so he can look back on his childhood when he is an adult too.

Did your parents keep any of your school work? What did you want to be when you were a kid?

P.S- Have you entered my Mothers Day Giveaway yet? Head over here before Friday to enter!

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas (and a giveaway!)- Fast Five Friday

mothers day giveaway,

Mothers Day is just two weeks away (really!) and if you’re after some ideas for what to buy your mum I’ve got you covered with my top five gift ideas. This also doubles as my own wish list so if anyone talks to my husband point him in this direction!

1Peter Alexander pyjamas: If you haven’t owned a pair of Peter Alexander PJ’s then you just haven’t lived! Check out their new mother’s day collection here. Best thing is you can order online and have them delivered straight to your Mum!

2. Movie tickets: Spoil your Mum with a trip to Gold Class to see the new movie Mother’s Day. I’m looking forward to seeing this!

3. Uberkate: makes the most amazing personalised jewellery pieces. The Ubercircles are a beautiful idea for Mum. Just make sure you get in quick so your order arrives in time for Mothers Day.

4. Beautiful Linen: I have a bit of an obsession with pillows and quilts and throw rugs…is it just me? No? Great then head to Adairs for all the pretty things!

5. Books: I don’t think you can go wrong with books…give me all the books! Check out Goodreads for some great suggestions. I’m also giving away a copy of a book by one of my favourite authors Jodi Picoult on the Sarahdipity Facebook page. Head over and leave a comment on the pinned post at the top of the page to enter.

What’s on your wish list for Mothers Day?

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Living Small

living small,

Last week I shared this article on my facebook page about a couple who live full time in a bus. Yes, a bus. A few people commented that there was no way they could do that; they need their space. I kinda like the idea of doing up an old bus to travel around in but I don’t think I could do it full time either, if for no other reason than I love my bath. It seems the whole ‘tiny home’ thing is big at the moment, a revolution even. They’ve made a few TV shows about it and there’s blogs about it. It’s a whole ideology that people are gravitating towards; a simpler life with less ‘stuff’. I get that.

We live a small house (about 13sm living space). A few years ago, seduced by a beautiful, big display home we put our house on the market. Circumstances changed and after a couple of weeks we took down the sign. We decided to stay and instead put a bit of money into changing some things around our home; new furniture, a fresh coat of paint, that type of thing. We fell back in love with our house and we realised we really didn’t need a bigger one. After all a bigger house just means there’s more to clean and more space for stuff we don’t really need. I stumbled across this quote and thought it said it all:

“Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate.

Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can’t help but communicate.

If we had more room between us, think of all we’d miss.

Love grows best in houses just like this.”

Honestly, we still dream of a new house one day, our ‘dream home’ but it will be small with lots of land to roam (that’s the dream anyway).

Is your house big or small? What do you think of the tiny home revolution?

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Love in the Letterbox

love in a letterbox,

When I was a kid I had a pen pal. She was the daughter of one of my mum’s old friends. We’d see each other once a year when our families went camping together. Our lives were worlds apart. She lived in remote country on a huge sheep farm whilst I lived in the suburbs of Melbourne. We often talked about wanting to swap lives; she wanted to live in the city (hello shops that weren’t hours away) and whilst living remotely didn’t appeal to me I was totally horse mad so dreamt about living on a farm. We’d write to each other regularly and talk about usual girl stuff (aka- boys). I loved it when a letter arrived from her in the letterbox.

Now I’m an adult the only thing I get in the mailbox is bills. Letter writing has been replaced with emails and people stay in touch via social media. I miss getting old fashioned letters. I love it when my birthday comes around each year and there’s that handful of relatives that still send me a birthday card in the mail- it so nice, like receiving a little bit of love in the letterbox. My mum will often send my son a letter or a postcard in the mail. His little face lights up when he sees his name on one of the envelopes.

Last month after our dog passed away we received this beautiful card in the mail.


I saw that it was postmarked from our Vet and thought it was probably just a standard thing they send out after such an thing but when I opened it our vet had taken the time to handwrite a note inside…..

It really meant a lot. So thoughtful. A little bit of love in the letterbox.

So because I’m missing the old fashioned mail I’ve signed up for the Happy Mail Project with Fat Mum Slim; it’s like pen pals for adults, fun! I’m excited to see who I get partnered with and look forward to both writing and receiving some letters! (If you haven’t signed up you totally should- this round is still open)

Have you ever had a pen pal? Do you miss getting old fashioned letters? Have you received any love in the letterbox lately?

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