Outlandish Little White Lies

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Have you ever told a little white lie? One that started off small but then spiralled out of control? Gather around friends, grab yourself a cuppa, settle in and let me tell you cautionary tale about why you should never tell lies…even little ones.

I’ve always been an avid reader and enjoy all types of books. A few years ago one of the ladies at my work loaned me a book to read. It was called ‘Cross Stitch’ (some of you might know it by it’s other name, Outlander). She had raved about the book and was really excited to have me read it. I took the book home and read the first few chapters but just couldn’t get into it. A couple of weeks later I took the book back and when I handed it to her I lied. I don’t know why I lied, it was just one of those things, a little white lie told in the moment because this lady was so sweet and so when she asked me if I enjoyed it, I lied and said I did. “Oh great, I’ll bring you in the next one then”. Oh crap, it was series! Surely there couldn’t be anymore than two or three books in the series right? Wrong! The series had a total of eight books! So, over the next several months this gorgeous lady would bring me in a book, I would take it home, read the blurb, flip through a few pages and return it.

The lie grew. Turns out there was a whole Cross Stitch Fan Club at work. They would come to me, “I hear you’re reading Cross Stitch, isn’t it great?” and then a lengthy conversation would ensue. I came to know all the basics of the storyline and all of the characters names. I came to learn that we all loved Jamie, oh how these women loved Jamie! I felt like I was part of some secret Jamie loving women’s club! I bluffed my way through conversations and debates; should Claire have gone back, what did she do that, who should she choose, Frank or Jamie? These women were really invested in the story and I went along for the ride. I know, I’m horrible, but it felt nice to be part of the club, and besides, I was in too deep.

Eventually, the conversation died down and I thought I was done with Cross Stitch and then my Mum brought me a copy for my birthday and another friend recommended I read it. What was with this book? It was like it was haunting me. So, I forced myself to sit down and give it another go. I got much further in that time round but still, I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

One day, I found myself confessing to the girl who sat next to me that I had never actually read Cross Stitch or the rest of the books in the series. She thought it was hilarious and was actually pretty impressed with my ability to lie; she’d heard me in these Cross Stitch conversations and was totally convinced! Word soon got out and I had some fessing up to do. Lots of  laugher and ‘oh my gods!’ but thankfully no one was angry, they could all see the funny side. Again, I thought I was done with the whole saga and then the TV series came out.  The workplace was all a buzz last year when it was announced the book series was becoming a TV show, none more so though me. I saw it as my opportunity to finally see the whole story without having to read the long, boring books. Finally I could truly be part of the club, winning!

So I set Foxtel to record the first episode. That was my first mistake. Apparently one does not simply record Outlander, one waits in eager anticipation all day, banishes their husbands and kids from the TV, turns off their phone and watches the whole episode live and interrupted. Then of course you spend the whole next day at work talking with your fellow Outlander Fan Club friends about said episode. Man, I was feeling left out! So I tried to catch up and keep pace. I watched each episode, joined in the conversations, and helped to dissect everything- the characters, the costumes and of course Jamie. But, I have to be honest, I still just wasn’t feeling it. I still didn’t get it. I was still bluffing, And so, it was finally time to admit defeat. I’m not a fan of Outlander. There I said it. Gasp!

So last week when I saw my blogging hero Pip Lincolne repeatedly confess her love for Outlander on social media I was tempted to comment…I knew all about Outlander, we could totally bond! But no, I didn’t comment, I reminded myself instead that I don’t actually like Outlander and it’s just not nice to lie.

And so the moral of this rather long story is this…

  1. Don’t lie. Just don’t. It really does cause more trouble than good.
  2. It’s ok not to like something even if everyone else is the world seems to. Have your own opinion, even if it’s different.

And to Pip and all the other Outlander lovers out there, I hope we can still be friends.

Are you an Outlander fan? Have you read the book series? Ever found yourself telling a little white lie to fit in?

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