Not just luck

I recently read ‘Work, Strife, Balance’ by Mia Freedman and found myself nodding along to quite a few parts and bookmarking others for future reference. One idea in particular that really stuck out to me was when Mia spoke about the idea that women are uncomfortable with sharing and celebrating their successes. Too often, we pass our achievements off as being ‘dumb luck’ when that just isn’t true.

We see it all the time; a woman posts a photo of herself with her husband  #blessed, another talks about how she is ‘so lucky’ to have the job that she does or to be going away on holiday. When in reality, she probably works hard at her marriage, she probably worked hard to get the job she has and to take that holiday she’s taking. Being lucky or blessed has nothing to do with it. Hard work, yes. Sure, sometimes the whole ‘right time, right place’ thing might come into play; you just happened to walk into the bar where you future husband sat, or a chance meeting at a party lead to a dream job. But, beyond that initial encounter, it’s all you; you made it happen and you should be proud of that.

But, as women, we’re taught that tooting our own horn is a big no, no. ‘Bragging’ about your achievements isn’t done. Any woman who applauds her own successes is seen to be ‘up her self’ or ‘in love with herself’ as if that’s a bad thing! I say we should all love ourselves more! We should all toot our own horn a little more, share our successes and more than that, we should support other women in sharing theirs too.

So, let’s start here. Leave a comment below telling me something awesome you’ve done lately, a recent success you’ve had (personal or professional), something you’ve achieved that you’re damn proud of.

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