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love in a letterbox,

When I was a kid I had a pen pal. She was the daughter of one of my mum’s old friends. We’d see each other once a year when our families went camping together. Our lives were worlds apart. She lived in remote country on a huge sheep farm whilst I lived in the suburbs of Melbourne. We often talked about wanting to swap lives; she wanted to live in the city (hello shops that weren’t hours away) and whilst living remotely didn’t appeal to me I was totally horse mad so dreamt about living on a farm. We’d write to each other regularly and talk about usual girl stuff (aka- boys). I loved it when a letter arrived from her in the letterbox.

Now I’m an adult the only thing I get in the mailbox is bills. Letter writing has been replaced with emails and people stay in touch via social media. I miss getting old fashioned letters. I love it when my birthday comes around each year and there’s that handful of relatives that still send me a birthday card in the mail- it so nice, like receiving a little bit of love in the letterbox. My mum will often send my son a letter or a postcard in the mail. His little face lights up when he sees his name on one of the envelopes.

Last month after our dog passed away we received this beautiful card in the mail.


I saw that it was postmarked from our Vet and thought it was probably just a standard thing they send out after such an thing but when I opened it our vet had taken the time to handwrite a note inside…..

It really meant a lot. So thoughtful. A little bit of love in the letterbox.

So because I’m missing the old fashioned mail I’ve signed up for the Happy Mail Project with Fat Mum Slim; it’s like pen pals for adults, fun! I’m excited to see who I get partnered with and look forward to both writing and receiving some letters! (If you haven’t signed up you totally should- this round is still open)

Have you ever had a pen pal? Do you miss getting old fashioned letters? Have you received any love in the letterbox lately?

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