Little Big Milestones

I watched my son ride his bike without training wheels for the first time the other week. Off he went, full of confidence, like he’d been doing it all his life. Then on the weekend, he lost his first tooth. And it got me thinking about all the milestones he’s already achieved and all those yet to come. There are so many milestones that as a parent you will see your child reach. All the big firsts; crawling, walking, talking, first day at kinder and school, first tooth…the list goes on. But what about all those other milestones? The little ones that no one really tells you about but are just as important as those ‘big milestones’. If you’re a parent you can probably think of quite a few yourself, here’s what I’m talking about….

That moment when:

  • Your child can finally wipe their own butt themselves (without getting it halfway up their back). Man that’s a good day, am I right? Same goes for wiping their own nose.
  • Your child can now spell and you can no longer get away with spelling things out to your significant other in front of them when you don’t want them to know what you’re talking about. Last weekend I said to my hubby ‘how about we go to the z-o-o today?’ and the little man immediately jumped up and down ‘yay, we’re going to the zoo!’ Crap. Who knew he could now spell zoo?
  • They don’t want to hold your hand or hug/kiss you in public anymore. My son isn’t there yet so I’m hanging on for dear life while I can!
  • They get up by themselves in the morning and make their own breakfast. Again, my son isn’t there yet, not even close, I look forward to that day..and a sleep in.
  • They have their first trip to the hospital. It’s sort of like a right of passage that every parent inevitably has to go through and regardless of the reason, it’s always scary.
  • They can click themselves in and out of their car seat. Double bonus when they no longer even need a car seat!
  • You can leave them in the bath unsupervised. I love this. My son will now happily play and splash around whilst I’m in the next room cooking dinner on those nights when everything seems like a rush. Total time saver. The fact he sings the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song on repeat at the top of his lungs lets me know he’s still above water ha!

What other little big milestones can you think of that really deserve as much credit as the big ones?

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