Classic movies to watch with your kids- Fast Five Friday

Fast Five Friday,

One thing I really love to do with my four year old son is rediscover movies I loved as a kid. We watch them together and I’m always surprised by how much of them I remember; they always take me right back to my childhood . Here’s five of my faves we’ve watched together and he’s loved:

The Wizard of Oz: (1939) You just can’t beat it. When I was little I would always skip the part where the twister came because it scared the bejeebers out of me! So yeah, I did the same when I watched it with my son (no shame in that). I totally remembered all the words to the songs too and had them stuck in my head for weeks afterwards! “We’re off to see the wizard….”

E.T: (1982) I just knew the lil man would love this one; especially the part where the bike flies at the end (he thought that was “super cool”). He also couldn’t stop laughing at the part where ET accidentally gets himself drunk hmm.

Mary Poppins: (1964) One of my absolute favourites as a child. I was a little let down by the graphics rewatching it as an adult…I don’t remember the background when Mary is dancing on the rooftops with the chimney sweeper looking so fake lol. I guess everything just seems more amazing when you’re a kid.

The NeverEnding Story: (1984) I totally wanted a headpiece like the ‘Childlike Empress’ and a dragon just like Falkor when I was a kid. Seriously, the NeverEnding has all the elements needed for a childhood favourite; fantasy, mystery, action and dragons!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks: (1971) I actually wasn’t sure if my son would like this one but he did. We watched it on repeat for a few days. His favourite part was the same as mine as a child- where the bed dives under the ocean. I was surprised when I watched this again to find it had some quite adult themes in it- the war, Hitler, witchcraft etc, I don’t remember any of that…it probably just went straight over my head when I was a kid as I’m sure it did with my boy.

What were your favourite movies when you were a kid? Have you rewatched them with your own children? Were they as good as you remember them?

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