Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions 1,

Sit down, grab a cuppa, let’s catch up on the week that was….

Our little family was hit with the gastro bug this week, not fun at all! First the little man- it lasted all of a day and he was back to himself, bouncing off the walls (kids are so resilient aren’t they?!) and then hubby and I. We spent a whole day in bed taking it in turns vomiting and rubbing each others backs (now that’s  true love). Followed by a day of disinfecting the whole house and I think we’re all good now!

I was overwhelmed this week by support and positive comments when I decided to tell the truth. All I can say is you guys are amazing and thankyou!

Who else was excited to finally see the release of ‘reactions‘ on facebook? Fun! I thought they’d just give us an ‘dislike’ button but they’ve gone even further and given us more options, yay!

This week hubby and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. As you read this we’ll be living it up at Kudos Villas in Hepburn Springs. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed somewhere so fancy (last anniversary we stayed at a caravan park), it has an outdoor bath for goodness sake….I can’t wait!

In other news, I’ll admit I’ve become hooked on ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’ anyone else? We chated about it on my  facebook  page earlier in the week. (If you don’t yet follow Sarahdipity on facebook please do, I spend a bit of time there!)

Lastly, the countdown to our family holiday in Port Douglas in on! We’ll be heading there in just two weeks and I’m so looking forward to it! We’ve never been up that way before so if anyone has any suggestions for must see’s and do’s please let me know!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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