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Family Fun Things to do in Melbourne this School Holidays- Fast Five Friday

this to do in melbourne these school holidays

Looking for inspiration for fun things to do with the family in Melbourne this Winter School Holidays? Here’s my top five suggestions:

  1. Head to The Big Freeze Festival a huge indoor winter family event happening at Cranbourne Racecourse 2 to 10 July. (Check out the articles I wrote for their website on Winter Warming Family Activities and Indoor Active Play Ideas).
  2. Rug up, grab your torch and head to Werribee Zoo after dark for Wild Nights, 25 June to 9 July 5:30pm to 8:30pm. We’re hoping to check this out for the first time next week!
  3. Put the kids in their PJ’s, pack blankets and pillows in the car and set up camp at the Coburb Drive Ins. There’s a few kids movies coming out for the school holidays, if you haven’t seen it yet then Finding Dory needs to be on your ‘must see’ list.
  4. Head to Ballarat! Celebrate Christmas in July at Sovereign Hill.We went to this last year and it was awesome! Just make sure you stay for the light show at night and dress warm.
  5. Start your weekend with a spectacular light show during July and August with free Friday night fireworks and entertainment at Docklands. It’s a great family night out!

What have you got planned this school holidays?

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Top Reads on the Net- Fast Five Friday

For Fast Five Friday I’m sharing with you five awesome things I’ve read on the internet this week:

fast five friday,

After carrying out this little experiment in tracking how much I use my phone on a daily basis, this post really resonated with me. I think the Japanese people are really on to something here! Doing just one thing at a time…I so need to start doing that.

And on that same topic, I loved this post by Pip on the art of slowing down.

I’m loving the Conversations with Carlo series on Veggie Mama. You can read part two here. I’m hoping there will be many more conversations with Carlo to come. Can’t you just picture him?

If you’re a blogger you probably heard all about a certain post written by a “former mommy blogger” that basically told all other mummy bloggers out there to just give the whole thing up immediately. I’m not going to link to that post here because frankly I thought it was just plain nasty but what I will link to is a fantastic reply by Kelly Exteter in which she gave us all 10 reason’s we should keep right on mommy blogging.

My sister recently introduced me to Little Eco Footprints. This amazing family built a gorgeous tiny home out of shipping container. Their vision is inspiring; It’s simple living to the max!

Have you read anything awesome or interesting on the net this week? Do share!

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Top Photography Apps- Fast Five Friday

top photography apps,

I love a good app and especially an app that can help me make my photos look better or easier to share. Here’s my top five photography apps:

Instagram: Of course the top photography app just has to be Instagram! It allows you to share your pics with friends and family (and the wider world if you want to) and follow other accounts. Are you on instagram? Let’s find each other here.

Little Moments: Created by Fat Mum Slim who also created the Photo a Day Challenge. If you join in the challenge on instagram then this app is a must- it gives you the monthly ‘Photo a Day’ prompts and shows the ‘fab four’ (the top four photos) for everyday. But even if you don’t do the challenge it’s still a great app for editing pics, with a bunch of filters and fun add ons like text and icons.

Afterlight: I use this app to edit the majority of my photos. It’s easy to use and allows you to play with things like the brightness, exposure and contrast of your pics.

Pic Collage:  A free and simple app that allows you to make collages using the photos on your phone. There are heaps of different layouts depending on the amount of photos you want to use in your collage.

Smug Mug: My sister recently introduced me to the Smug Mug site which also has an app to make it easily accessible on your phone. Smug Mug allows you to share all of your photos with friends and family but is totally different to instagram. You can upload entire albums and then those you to choose to share with are able to download, view and print the pics. How clever is that! Great for sharing pics from family events, birthdays, holidays etc.

What photography apps do you use?

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Linky Parties to Follow and Join- Fast Five Friday

Link Parties Fast Five Friday,

For those of you who don’t already know a a linky party is when the author of a blog (aka- the host) invites other bloggers to put a link up on their site to their own blog posts. Sometimes the linky party will be on a particular topic and sometimes it will just be a free for all. For bloggers, its a great way to get some exposure and help to promote your latest blog posts and for readers it’s a great (and easy) way to find new blogs to read. Here’s five really awesome (and Aussie!) weekly linky parties you should check out:

1. IBOT: Hosted by Essentially Jess. IBOT stands for ‘I Blog on Tuesdays’. All blog posts linked up to this party need to be written on a Tuesday but can be on any topic.

2. FYBF: Stands for ‘Flog Your Blog Friday’ and is hosted by With Some Grace. It’s an opportunity for bloggers from any niche to ‘flog their blog’ by sharing any of their posts from the week.

3. The Ultimate Rabbit Hole: This Linky Party is hosted by three awesome bloggers: Calm to Conniption, The Annoyed Thyroid, My2Morrows You can put your link up on any of these blogs and it will magically appear on all three.

4. HIT: Stands for ‘Home Improvement Thursdays’ is hosted by two of my favourite bloggers; Bec from The Plumbette and Nicole from The Builders Wife Posts can be from any blog niche but need to be related to DIY, home improvement, renovation, home decoration, that type of thing.

5. Worth Casing Wednesday: Hosted on the Agent Mystery Case blog you can link up any post that you feel is ‘worth casing’ that week.

A little bit on linky etiquette for bloggers: If you post your link it’s a good idea to make some time to visit and read some of the other posts (as well as the hosts), share the love! Also some linky parties have a ‘button’ (like an electronic logo) which you can add to your sidebar to show you participate in the party and help direct traffic their way.

Do you join in linky parties? Are there any others you know of that I haven’t mentioned?

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Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix- Fast Five Friday

Fast Five Friday,

Put your hand up if you’ve got Netflix? Now keep your hand if you love it and you’re a tad addicted to binge watching TV serials? Yeah me too. Here’s my top five:

Pretty Little Liars: Who killed Ally? Who is ‘A’? The story is far fetched, the girls are pretty and the drama is constant; what more is there? This one is my guilty little pleasure to watch when hubby isn’t home. I’ve only watched the first the first two seasons so if anyone out there has watched more, don’t spoil it for me!

Orange is the New Black: People have gone mad for this show, apparently it is the most watched show on Netflix. Based on the true story of Piper Kerman who was incarcerated in a female prison it’s both dramatic and funny. Oh an all the cool kids refer to it simply as OITNB.

Friday Night Lights: Hubby and I binge watch this one together. It’s based on an American high school football team; the culture of the whole thing is quite amazing but really I love it for the characters and the great storylines.

Making a Murderer: I have to confess, I haven’t watched it yet but people have been raving about this show based on a true story. I hear it’s the TV equivalent of the Serial podcast and I loved that so no doubt I’d enjoy this one too.

Utopia: I’m not sure if I find this show so hilarious because I work in local government; God it’s funny because it’s true! It’s also an Aussie show featuring some great Aussie talent so we really should support that!

What are your favourite shows to binge watch on Netflix?

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Bring back the chocolate! Fast Five Friday

In celebration of Easter (aka- the festival of chocolate) today I’m dealing with a very serious issue on Fast Five Friday….those poor chocolates that we so dearly loved but have been discontinued and no longer available to us in Australia. Here’s my top five:

chocolates, fast five friday,

1 Vice Versas: Do you remember the ad? “They’re brown, they’re white, no no they’re brown, they’re white.” God they were so good!

2 Dove: I think you might be able to still get a block of dove chocolate in some places?? But if you can I haven’t found it…so please share, this used to be my favourite chocolate and I miss it!

3 Marble: The perfect blend of white and dairy milk chocolate mmmm.

4 Crave: They used to sell these at my high school canteen and I’d buy one everyday. Upon researching for this post I discovered that Crave is actually a Whispa chocolate bar with caramel…does this mean you can buy them in England?! If so, ship me some over now!

5 Snowflake: I first tried this chocolate bar at the Cadbury factory in Tasmania when I was a kid. You haven’t been able to buy them for years but then…..all of a sudden last week I saw one on the shelf in Coles!! I was so flip out excited (and yes of course I bought it).

Do you remember these chocolates? Any others that you love that you can’t buy anymore? Wanna start a campaign to bring back Vice Versas?

Happy Easter everyone, may your bellies be filled with chocolate all weekend long!

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Top 5 Teen Fiction for Adults- Fast Five Friday

Fast Frive Friday 3, to Fast Five Friday where I bring you my top five of something every Friday.

Confession; I love teen fiction books. Loved them when I was a teenager and still love them now. Here’s my top five teen fiction books that you should try reading (if you haven’t already) and if you’re a parent of a teenager why not get them reading too?

Tomorrow When the War Began series by John Marsden: This is my all time favourite book series. My sister, Mum and I all read this series growing up and I have since reread it a few times. I also really love that it’s by an Aussie author.

Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta: We studied this book in high school and I loved it. I also reread it when I was older and watched the movie which I think was a great portrayal of the book.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: I enjoyed the books and when the movies came out Hubby also enjoyed watching them with me.

The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer: I’m pretty sure the whole world has heard about this series. I didn’t exactly love the movies but I did enjoy the books. Yes, the whole story is pretty far fetched and corny but sometimes it’s nice to just switch off your brain and read something like that

Anything by John Green: We’re talking The Fault in our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and more. John Green’s books are usually a quick and easy read but with a bit of depth.

Do you enjoy reading teen fiction? Have you read any of these books?

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Top 5 Magazines- Fast Five Friday

Fast Five Friday 2,

Welcome to Fast Five Friday, where I bring you my top five or something every Friday. This week we’re talking magazines. I love a good magazine reading session, here’s what I’m loving at the moment (in no particular order):

Collective Hub: The brain child of Lisa Messenger, it’s my favourite mag at the moment. Filled with stories of entrepreneurship and creative endeavours it’s an inspiring read. It makes you want to go out and put all the ideas you have into action!

Secret Bloggers Business: A brand new digital mini mag especially for bloggers and it’s free! It’s the perfect bite size read over a cuppa or lunch break and includes blogging tips, interviews and must haves. You can download the first edition here.

Real Living: This magazine has been a fav of mine for many years. I love checking out all of the amazing houses in their ‘homes to love’ section and dreaming….lots of dreaming.

Homes Plus: This magazine is very similar to Real Living but I find the pieces featured can be sourced very easily and affordably from places like ikea and kmart.

Hello Lunch Lady: I confess I have yet to read this magazine but everyone has been raving about it! It is a branch out from the original Hello Lunch Lady blog which is filled with gorgeous images, stories and recipes. The magazine is only stocked in limited places but you can also order it online here.

What are your favourite magazines at the moment? Hit me up!

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